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The organizational structure of Praia do Forte Bamboo Project

Praia do Forte Bamboo is the host of a Foundation/NGO and a private enterpris.

Foundation Bambubras
The mail goals of the foundation are sucessful networking, providing funds for interchange with experts from both national an international area, to carry out specific task such as to perform lectures for agriculture’s on plantation and nursery or architectural use (i.e. invited Colombian specialist) or other/more delicate furniture fabrication (i.e. invited experts for Asia such as Philippines or Thailand). The area of the work within Bambulandia is the institute, the research lab, and partly the bamboo manufacturing shop, where need to perform hands on training, courses or making test a prototype items)

Mundo Bambu (Bambu Verde)
The company Mundo Bambu (Bambu Verde) is responsible for the thematic visiting park, for maintenance, for the bamboo manufacturing shop, the restaurants and other leisure’s as well as the production of designs, furniture, architectural support and the management of the vivero (nursery site for bamboo, including the sale’s of plants)

The private company will also market and use the logo for their activities, which may include duplicating other similar sites in other regions of brazil such as Sao Paulo (for living plants, furniture, local job creation in a manufacturing shop etc) or Amazon’s area to provide jobs and sustainable plantation experience in this area. The private company will maintain the entire park area, including the infrastructure of Bambubras, which will pay for this service.