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The Bamboo Nursery of Praia do Forte Bamboo

The Bamboo Nursery of Praia do Forte Bamboo

Praia do Forte Bamboo is intended to become a center dedicated to the promotion of non-invasive (Sympodial) bamboo, it’s renewable resource’ ecological, practical and decorative uses, its propagation, research, and the establishment of a viable shoot and timber industry in Brazil.

It is the goal of the Praia do Forte Bamboo Project to have up to 200 different domestic and exotic bamboo species available, using either vegetative or tissue techniques. Many of these clumping bamboo’s are the fastest growing plants in the world.

Another goal is to forward the implemetation of larger plantation areas outside the Bambulandia Theme Park and and the Praia do Forte Bamboo Nursery. Such plantations can produce up to 10.000 kg per hectar.

The Praia do Forte Bamboo Nursery is divided into two sections:

1.    One for providing room for research, testing reproduction, nursing rare species etc

2.    The other part of the nursery is commercial for reproducing bamboo for individual clients as well as for professional farmers wanting to perform large scale bamboo plantations. The goal is to breed up to 100’000 young bamboo’s every year)

The Bamboo Nursery is the heart for reproducing the goal of Praia do Forte Bamboo to diverge the concept in Brazil, and make bamboo more used all over the country, eventually also in neighboring countries which suffer from a similar lack of expertise in planting and using bamboo as Brazil is today.

Nursery Bambouserie in France