Praia do Forte Bamboo features a workshop for manufacturing all kinds of furniture, art, musical instruments, architectural prefabricates such as bamboo joints etc

The goal of the small manufacturing shop is fourfold:

  • Create competence by manufacturing. To justify the maintenance of such a competent group, they shall produce products such as furniture, lamps, pieces of decoration and art,
  • Serve as a basis for any hand’s on training, either when getting trained themselves from experts such as invited specialists from Asia for furniture and art or invited experts from Columbia who may introduce special techniques such as manufacturing structural bamboo joints for architectural applications
  • Serve as pool of teachers for any kind of lessons, given to other handicrafts from i.e. Amazon region or even for tourists, who might wish to learn or even make their own furniture while staying in the area
  • Serve as a structural part of the institute, if scientist whish to make prototypes, tests or any other hardware experiments

The Praia do Forte Bamboo Workshop consists of:
  • A small team of max 6 people making furniture, preparing bamboo for architects to support structural use, making test prototypes for the research and demonstration purpose, etc
  • Space for 6 more workers, visitors, learning
  • A small fabrication area (including toilet/wash area)
  • Two offices to host designers and administration
  • A small warehouse to store bamboo and prototypes, products.