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Bambubras Institute
The Bambubras Institute of Praia do Forte Bamboo.

The goal of the Bambubras Institute institute is to serve for further research and provide an academic basis for the future competence building of the Praia do Forte Bamboo Project's goal to become a leading center of competence. for bamboo. Its purpose is to provide infrastructure basis for any kind of research work such as:

1.    Give opportunities for foreign professors to spent time in Praia do Forte Bamboo, carrying out research on structural or botanic issues
2.    Give students the potential to perform research and work and write studies
3.    Host experts who whish to carry out investigations on botanical issues
4.    Host designer who whishes to perform designs, and cooperate directly with the team of the manufacturing shop
5.    Host artists who want to perform arts of any kind, such as music’s, instruments, paintings, bamboo lamps etc
6.    Edible shoot cooking: Host cuisiniers who want to support the menu for bamboo food, in collaboration with the kitchen, and invite experts specialized in Asian bamboo cuisine.

Other issues being studied together with the institute are:
  • comparison of clumping (sympodial) and running (monopodial) bamboo,
  • plant descriptions including it’s part,
  • identification of native and non native bamboo,
  • growth and flowering cycles,
  • growing conditions and procedures,
  • special selection advice for planters and individuals for landscaping, structural, furniture,
  • propagation
  • harvesting and curing
  • edible shoots for home consumption
  • plantations, edible shoots for timber, establishment costs
  • building design principles
  • building joints and techniques, both traditional and modern
  • furniture making and designs
  • screen making, balines and others
  • chemical treatment and others
  • treatment of pests and diseases
  • general techniques including splitting, cutting holes etc
  • musical instrument making
  • edible shoot cooking

The Institute-infrastructure consists of:

1.    An area for 4 work spaces in 4 separate offices
2.    A small meeting area,
3.    toilets, showers, coffee corner