Bambulandia’s support in architectural designs

Advantages of Bamboo Guadua Angustifolia for architectural applications:

Guadua Angustifolia has and is been used in the construction of residential houses, large warehouse, bridges, crafts etc. Evidence of Guadua in construction exists especially in Columbia, up to many decades back. Many of those buildings have been conserved in perfect state. According to Simon Velez, one of the well-known pioneers in this area, the main issue is to keep water away. That’ is why Velez uses always a special cement cover (reinforced by chicken wire), in spite of the weight he is adding to the otherwise light weight structure.

Examples of such high tech Bamboo construction can be visited at the Hotel Porto da Lua (Praia do Forte) which has used Bamboo in many of its applications. The tropical architecture of the Hotel, designed and constructed by the known Brazilian architect Wilson Reis Neto, is perfectly suited for using bamboo as a complimentary element in a perfect tropical environment.