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The handling of Guadua Angustifolia (Kunth) begins with a study presented/displayed by a forest engineer with data gathered in the selected bamboo grove (bambuzal). This data is then handed over to the silvicultural expert. The bamboo plants in the plantations are well tracked and carefully selected before being cut by special procedures.

In the case of Guadua, choices are made by diameter and optimal maturity according to customer’s specifications. The selected ones are marked with reflective paint and cut between 12:00 A.m. to 4:30 A.m. around the 4 or 5 nights of wayning of the moon. The Guadua is cut individually and they are left in the guadual for another 20 days. After this period the Guadua used for construction will be stripped of its leaves and cut in length.

In the ensuing process the Guadua is immunized. For this purpose, the Guadua is perforated longitudinally or in each internode according to requirement of the buyer. The bamboo is submerged in a swimming pool with a Borax solution and Boric Acid at 4%, where the bamboo remains submerged for about 5 days. After dripping of borax and drying, the bamboo is stored in the shade until acquiring the humidity required for the use  Guadua is given a special processing like viruteado and cepillado, or linseed hand with trementina and wax, like for wood.